Title ExaminationPoulson, Odell & Peterson, LLC has been providing title opinions to the oil and gas industry for over fifty years. Our attorneys are licensed in many states, and are available to prepare all types of title opinions covering private, state, federal, and Indian lands across the Rocky Mountain region. We have an unwavering commitment to provide a high-quality work product at a reasonable rate to meet our clients’ deadlines.   

Our commitment to a quality work product does not end with the delivery of the title opinion. We ensure that our clients understand the complex factual and legal issues that are discussed in our title opinions, and we provide a clear road map to navigate the title curative process. We are also available to perform the transactional and litigation services that are required to achieve our clients' desired level of title security. This includes the drafting of curative instruments, and pursuing judicial remedies such as quiet title actions and probate proceedings.

We are proud of our reputation and long history in the field of title examination. We invite you to contact us to discuss how we may assist you with your title examination needs.