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Nick A. SwartzendruberNick A. Swartzendruber handles a variety of com­­plex oil and gas litigation and regulatory matters. He specializes in title and joint operations disputes, having significant experience both as a litigator and as an expert witness. Mr. Swartzendruber’s practice also includes the representation of operators and non-operators in contested oil and gas commission matters, access disputes, oil and gas mechanic’s lien foreclosures, royalty payment actions, and the development of public lands. In addition, he assists his clients in transactions relating to mineral development, including purchase and sale agreements, surface use agreements, farmout agreements, joint operating agreements and pooling agreements.

Mr. Swartzendruber is intimately familiar with the oil and gas industry and takes a pragmatic and cost-effective approach in helping his clients solve their problems. He understands his role as a counselor who objectively assesses risk, but also as an advocate when dealing with other parties, courts, and administrative agencies.